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On-Site Preventative and Scheduled Tractor-Trailer Maintenance

Preventative and scheduled tractor-trailer maintenance in Houston has proven to be extremely valuable to Saxon Fleet Services Inc.'s customers primarily because it greatly reduces or eliminates the downtime of your equipment. This is accomplished by any or a combination of the following:

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  • No longer having to transport your equipment to and from a repair facility, saving time and money.
  • PMs and scheduled maintenance are performed at a time when your equipment is not in use, whatever time of the day or night that might be.

After your fleet has returned at the end of the day, it's the beginning of the day for Saxon Fleet Services Inc. Any maintenance problems or concerns, as determined by you, can be called into the shop, and a technician will be dispatched. In almost all cases, the unit or units will be ready for use before the next regularly scheduled route.
A technician can be scheduled to be on your yard on days and times determined by you to review driver vehicle condition reports and make the necessary repairs.
Since the on-site repairs are done at your location, it provides the opportunity for your manager to view the repairs and ask any questions of the technician to gain a better understanding of your fleet.

The following is the standard Saxon Fleet Services Inc. PM check sheet. You may choose to have the technician use the standard checklist, or a PM check sheet can be created that is customized to fit the needs of your fleet. You may also provide your company's PM check sheet.